Kui’s Ultimate Soda Dungeon Gold Guide (Updated 3/15/17)

Still upgrading that tavern? Need some more of those sodas? Perhaps you’re still trying to trying to get the Magic Clock?

Anyway, enough with the questions. Of course you need gold, you silly thing! Below are some tips and tricks stacking up those gold coins… without any hacks, of course!

Gold Gear

The first technique is well-known and simple one. Gold gear! Have you ever gotten an item such as a Gold Shield, Vaan’s Magnet, or the Midas Plate? Well, these items give an increase in gold! That’s extra gold per run! Here is a list on where to find each gold-giving item and where to find them:

Gold Shield
Lvl 1 – 71-80
Lvl 2 – 171-380
Lvl 3 – 271-480
Lvl 4 – 371-580
Lvl 5 – 471-680
Lvl 6 – 571-780
Lvl 7 – 671-880
Lvl 8 – 771-980
Lvl 9 – 871-1080
Lvl 10 – 971-1180

Vaan’s Magnet

Midas Plate
Lvl 1 – 400-500
Lvl 2 – 900-2000
Lvl 3 – 1400-2500
Lvl 4 – 1900-3000
Lvl 5 -2400-3500
Lvl 6 – 2900-4000
Lvl 7 – 3400-4500
Lvl 8 – 3900-5000
Lvl 9 – 4400-5500
Lvl 10 – 4900-6000

Royal Shield
Lvl 1 – 700-800
Lvl 2 – 1200-2300
Lvl 3 – 1700-2800
Lvl 4 – 2200-3300
Lvl 5 – 2700-3800
Lvl 6 – 3200-4300
Lvl 7 – 3700-4800
Lvl 8 – 4200-5300
Lvl 9 – 4700-5800
Lvl 10 – 5200-6300

Other gold-increasing items will be added soon.

Thieves and Merchants

Out of the many classes Soda Dungeon has to offer, there two that help get you a lot of gold: Thieves and Merchants.



So, you’re probably wondering, “Thieves? How? They just steal… stuff.” And that’s what I thought before, too! But then I realized the great pros of having 1 or 2 in your team!


– Can Pilfer items or gold (depending on the enemy)
– Opens all of the chests (all 3 of them!)
– Increases chance of better items by 20%


So what do Merchants do? Well, they give you gold, of course! Merchants are also exceptionally good at clearing out bosses.


– Active skill gives 50% chance to remove 1/2 of target’s HP, perfect for clearing tough bosses!
– Increases gold earned by 20%

Additional gold-increasing tips

The Banker

First, the banker won’t activate until you’ve been away from the game for at least ten minutes.

If you’ve been away for at least ten minutes the banker will earn an amount of gold that is based on both your time spent away from the game, and the level of the banker itself. This could be anywhere from 10-30% of your current gold supply.

When this happen the banker sets aside that amount of money to put in his safe. He will keep earning gold if you keep entering/exiting without collecting.

However, the banker can never store an amount of gold that is greater than half of your current savings, no matter what.

The banker can also not hold more than 1 million gold.

– Afro Ninja

Liquid Gold

Upgrade this relic as high as you can. You won’t regret it after seeing all of the gold you’ll earn!

Description: +1% gold earned per relic level for each party member

Note: More sections will be added to this guide in the future, so stay tuned!

Are you able to help with this guide? Is there some info you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below some advice if you are able to help! I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

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