Soda Dungeon 2 News!

Today on the official Soda Dungeon Discord, the Soda Dungeon developer, anpShawn answered a person’s​ (Pootis) question! Here’s what went on;

Pootis: I find it weird that a sequel would be put into this game, I’d expect them to just keep making updates to the original.

anpShawn: The current game has a lot of limitations. For example, it can’t be translated to other languages.

Pootis: Ah, okay. So it’s pretty much going to be a “remastered” version.

anpShawn: It will be a very similar experience, but it’s more than a remaster. We’re trying to take everything from the current game, do it better, and add more stuff.

Pootis: Ah, I’ll be looking forward to it!

I’m excited about Soda Dungeon 2! What are your guy’s thoughts on the next game?


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